Kanji reference and study tool for iPhone/iPod touch


  • Wednesday September 17, 2008

ShinKanji for the iPhone and iPod touch

main screenshot, kanji animation

main screenshot, kanji animation


ShinKanji is a kanji reference and study application combining a kanji dictionary and a database of stroke orders. Available through the AppStore, ShinKanji installs easily on your mobile device.


Some of ShinKanji’s features include:

  • Large database of more than 6000 kanji, 3200+ of which have stroke order animations and structure information
  • Pronunciations in kana or romaji
  • lookup a kanji using many input methods:
    • Handwriting recognition on a large pad with undo redo support
    • Multi radical search
    • search by meanings or readings
    • predefined lists of kanjis including JLPT kanji list and joyou kanji lists
    • native methods:
      • japanese keyboard,
      • kana keypad,
      • chinese handwriting recognition
  • display the kanji definitions in multiple languages:
    • english
    • french
    • spanish
    • portugese
  • display a fully animated stroke order diagram.
  • navigate through the kanji structures (up and down the hierarchy of containing kanji)
  • automated database update
  • Online help
  • works when offline

Free demoes:

2 demo applications are available on the app store for free:

  • Shinkanji-lite shows the kanji definition pages, the structural navigations and the animations but is limited to searching for kanjis in the predefined lists (including the JLPT levels) link to the appstore
  • Shinkanji-search-free shows all the search methods but is limited to displaying the results with their english meanings (being reviewed by apple) link to the appstore

Together those applications demonstrate most of the functionality of shinkanji, however they haven’t been updated for a while as I concentrate on improving the regular shinkanji version.

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